Movie Stars in Bathtubs!


A firm contender for ‘Most Useless Thing I’ve Ever Bought’ is this, frankly, stunning, book of photos of movie-stars in bathtubs. I guess it’s what you could call a niche subject. It was £2.49 in Oxfam – I got the feeling that might have been a little overpriced, in a ‘we can’t give this shit away’ sort of way. But luckily for Oxfam, I was there, no.1 hoarder of kitsch, and I snapped it up. “ONLY £2.49 for set pictures of Paul Newman in the bath? Are you joking?…”

A dignified cover for a very silly book.
Liz Taylor and Mia Farrow splashing about in ‘The Secret Ceremony’.
Paul Newman

The blurb on this photo of Paul Newman is that Universal Studios ordered a ‘half-way closed set’ (on the film The Secret War of Harry Frigg), which meant, no women. This is pretty wonderful – were they worried the women might all get a little too lairy in the presence of a naked, soapy Paul Newman? I hope so. I hope there were meetings about it.

Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis
Clint Eastwood: graduate of handsome boy modelling school.
Joan Collins in ‘The Opposite Sex’, 1956. Spot the serpentine-shaped tap.

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