Secret Style Icon No.11: Kate Bush

If you think of Kate Bush and immediately picture some mad harpy with a wild mane of hair… 


Then you’re almost getting there. Here are some reasons why she might just be the most amazing woman:

1. She began her musical career at the age of sixteen with the help of some guy who happened to be in Pink Floyd. This was the seventies so it was all about passing around cassettes with great demos on them. Kate had over 50 of her own compositions, and Dave Gilmour thought she might just have the elusive stah quality to make it. She did make it. By the age of nineteen. And look: that hair!


2. She spent much of her early life learning karate with her brothers, and later used this training in the crafting of some inspired dance moves.


3. Hounds of Love, not only one of the best songs of all time (and album title track) but also, released in the year that I was born. This song and me appeared in 1985, and even if Kate Bush clearly won with her contribution to the world that year, I’m just glad to have been a part of it, y’know?

Just chillin.

4. She toured once, in 1979, and then she didn’t ever again, because she just didn’t want to. Her record company must have loved that. I think she deserves a small sparkly crown for not giving a shit.


5. Most of all I think I love her for consistently doing her own thing and not giving a damn. Also, she did a hell of a lot of photo-shoots in leotards.

And also this.

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