Secret Style Icon No.13: Lorna Sage

Lorna Sage’s daughter, in this wonderful article, describes an early memory of ‘clomping alongside’ her mother on a walk across a park, in ugly Clark’s shoes, while Lorna was ‘barefoot and wearing a slinky catsuit zipped down to her naval’. Lorna Sage wrote about Plato, John Milton, Doris Lessing and Angela Carter as Professor of English […]

Fleamarket Finds and Good Films

The rain and wind are caterwhauling around these parts at the moment, but the city has proved itself full of brightness and exciting things (as well as rain), from beautiful foreign films to the thrill of treasure-seeking at a Sunday fleamarket. Here’s a look at the gems that I found at the Glue Factory fleamarket today… I got […]

Autumn is Here. A Guide to Staying Warm

Summer has scarpered, and a couple of days of waking to steely-grey dullness and feeling a little like this: has alerted me to the approach of autumn.  This means getting winter boots road-worthy, digging out the ol’ dad jumper (I have an absolute beauty) and putting in the effort now, so that by the time winter rolls […]

Secret Style Icon No.12: Margot Fonteyn

I’ve always had a soft spot for ballerinas, probably because they seem to take suffering for their art to such deadly-serious extremes. The broken feet, the strict figure control, the scraped-back hair, the vicious competitiveness – it’s all bonkers, but there’s something weirdly fascinating about it too. Perhaps it’s the dedication to something so unequivocally frivolous. Utterly beautiful, fleeting, minor and frivolous. Sitting at […]