Feminism: Back By Popular Demand

I’ve been thinking about the word feminist for a long time. I’ve been thinking about it, but for most of my life, I haven’t been saying it. There were big reasons and small reasons. For the most part, it was to do with my feelings about privacy and the right to be a weird little […]

I Gave Up Everything Good For 6 Months: The End Point

If this tale began like a made-for-tv movie drama, pitching in at the start with the grisly moment of horror around which the rest of the story will unfold, then it would have to begin with a close up of me in my flat around 2am, having just stumbled from a Halloween party, eating a […]

Misery, Happiness, Caramel, Unicorns

I love all the weird idioms which we all say like they’re totally normal. It’s fine to talk about something happening ‘once in a blue moon’. Also fine: ‘feeling blue’, ‘a prize idiot’ (what prize? The possibilities…), ‘swings and roundabouts’, ‘cutting to the chase’. As much fun as it is that we all talk in […]