A Christmas Happy List for 2020

   Nobody asked for this. And yet, here it is: my festive list of happy things for Christmas 2020!    It’s been an age since I’ve written a blog post, but can promise I’ve a good reason: 2020 was the year we welcomed our baby son into the world. And promptly apologised to him and... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Happy List – 22nd July 2018

Every day give yourself a present... Advice for a lifetime. What will you do for yourself today? (Nice coffee? It’s always coffee over here). Nanette If you have not yet, please proceed immediately to Netflix and watch this comedy special (or, anti-comedy special). I am bowled over by the oratory genius of Hannah Gadsby. I’m... Continue Reading →

George Michael: My Hero

So this is Christmas. We are divided, between those who are easily swayed by the mob mentality (Chrrriiiistmas they scream, eggnog drunk), and those who deem this season a massive waste of time and money. I would fall in to the latter (because I hate spending money and group projects are the absolute worst) except... Continue Reading →


So... Bloggy thoughts have trundled around my head for weeks, and now I realise that it has somehow been four months since I last wrote anything. I am sorry. Normal service will resume (cheese-snack appreciation! Terrible puns!) I have no excuse, except that life got very full and very real (leaving one job, seeking a... Continue Reading →

Secret Style Icon No. 24: Joan Eardley

A few weeks ago I wrote about Womankind magazine and the editor’s vision of a readership that wanted to ‘look outward, not inward’. I was in need of a bit of that. Just when we thought the sun might return, there were unreasonable flurries of snow across grey Glasgow. All my waking hours were structured... Continue Reading →

In Praise of Having a Rest

Sometime in the dark midwinter I was scrubbing at a blue-black stain on my living room carpet for ten minutes before I realised it was actually a shadow. I wanted to cry. It was past my bed-time and my nervous system was crackling with stress. I’d had about eight cups of coffee since 7am that... Continue Reading →

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