Happy New Year! Let’s Explore Space Together, Forever, in Peace

As nobody will fondly recall, my resolutions for 2014 involved growing a moustache and starting a band called Our Collective Jungian Dream. I have achieved both. I also started riding a sweet 1970s bicycle, went to a piss-up in a brewery which was really well organised, wore some big jumpers, and got to know the […]

Things I’ll Be Doing in 2014 (And You Should Too)

Firstly, to be clear, don’t take any of my advice. I am so often saddened by the decisions I make in my own life, and they only affect me. For this reason, and reasons of laziness and procrastination, I will not be starting a cult this year. If I did start a cult, it would […]

“I Tell Cows About You” – Love, Hope and Atheism for the New Year

I was planning a list of all the new year’s resolutions I will never make. Joining weight watchers. Making a bucket list. Giving up drinking whisky for breakfast. My point being that the world is bad enough without adding to the surplus of misery that sloshes around at this time of year. And then it felt […]