Movie Stars in Bathtubs!

A firm contender for ‘Most Useless Thing I’ve Ever Bought’ is this, frankly, stunning, book of photos of movie-stars in bathtubs. I guess it’s what you could call a niche subject. It was £2.49 in Oxfam – I got the feeling that might have been a little overpriced, in a ‘we can’t give this shit […]

Books and Crafty Fun on a Rainy Day

Saved for a Rainy Day

I’ve been collecting pretty books in charity shops for a while now (yes, yes I DO judge a book by its cover) and finally got round to figuring out what to do with them, namely, turning them into little notebooks. The purple Indian ink was to dye the inside covers. A sharp knife and a selection of different strength glues were used to fit all the lovely fancy notebook paper inside. I have no idea where this is going, but once this prototype has finished drying I’ll be setting up a little notebook factory. Notebook for Christmas, anyone?