The Friday Happy list – 5th May 2017

Ahoy! Tis Friday. For us nine to fivers, it’s time to really let loose, strike out and seize the means of production go on a jolly weekend bender. If you are anything like me, you have been getting through this working week with a heady mix of coffee, sugar and confused shouting. I’d like to […]

The Friday Happy List – 5th May 2014

Sometimes a week is full of bad things. Lost bank cards, deleted emails, misunderstandings, sharp shocks and grey drifts of thoughts about the senselessness of it all. On a side note: there are no unicorns. They all died before you were born. At such times I like to retire to my treehouse to meditate on the good in life. […]

Hello Flowers

Hello Flowers

This morning I spent more than was right and proper on some wondrous, metallic, grass-green nail polish (style inspiration: The Big Lebowski) and then came home to something MUCH BETTER: unexpected Sunday sunshine. All the flowers came out to say hello. Which got me to thinking…

The Best Things in Life (That are Free):

1. Sunshine, in spring, in Scotland.
2. The toasty clean smell of ironing. Also, fresh bedsheets.
3. Watching the neigbours kids screaming while leaning out of the car roof while their dad drives them up and down the driveway.
4. (As my friend Jen said, and she was right) washing blowing on the washing line.
5. Having dinner cooked for you.
6. Putting off til tomorrow what you could have done today, because it was sunny, and there will be more time. There always is.