The Friday Happy List – 18th March 2016

Spring has sprung, the daffodils are daffodilling with a certain daffodilly panache, and sunlight is flooding abundantly in to your whole life, every day. No, I’m joking. Spring has just limped into view and apologised for the state of itself. If you are sad that you still have to wear thermal gloves to go outdoors... Continue Reading →


Books to Read in Wintertime

  I often write about what a lovely escape books make from real life. They’re full of people saying suave things, courageously rescuing their families from shipwrecks, brawling bare-knuckled with furious lions, or simply embarking on extended consensual no-pants parties with inventive lovers. And that’s just great. But books can do other things too. When... Continue Reading →

New Year Feelings

So, New Year. Uuugh. Now that all the festivities are but dying embers… maybe you could think about cutting back on the doughnuts? Just kidding, this is a nice place. Come closer, I’ll ‘fess up: I hate Hogmanay. It’s such a high-maintenance celebration. Christmas lulls us into feeling safe and cosy. Pyjamas, overeating, gifts, hugs:... Continue Reading →

Autumn is Better Than Summer

Summer. It’s such a lie. Grey drizzle prevails throughout June. The sun makes a cameo appearance one icy, blustery day in July, and everyone in Scotland takes off their clothes. We shiver stubbornly, on beaches and in parks, across hills and glens. We go swimming in lochs, and get out quickly and pretend that we’re... Continue Reading →

The Friday Happy List: 17th July 2015

Welcome! Because The World is Not All Terrible: Happy Friday Treat Yo Self For those who have not watched Parks and Recreation religiously (if not, what is the point of you?), this is what happens on 13th October every year, when the materialistic and magnificently shallow Donna and Tom just go all out shopping. Donna... Continue Reading →

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